Directions from I-44.

  • Grand Lake Casino is approx 22 miles from I-44 exit 302. 
  • Exit 302 is about 45 minutes southwest of Joplin Missouri on I-44 and about 1:15 northeast of Tulsa on I-44. 
  • At exit 302 go south on 59/69 highway towards Grove. 
  • 59 highway makes a hard left about 2 miles from exit 302 off I-44 just past the Buffalo Ranch Truck stop so please watch for this left. 
  • You want to continue on 59 south to Grove. 
  • 5 miles into Groveyou will be in the downtown area of Grove. At the stoplight of main street and 59 continue east onto highway 10/25. 59 highway turns right and goes south at the main street intersection. 
  • Continue east on highway 10/25 approx 4 miles where 10 and 25 divide and follow 10 North to Grand lake Casino. 
  • Follow Highway 10 North approx 5 miles to Grand Lake Casino on the left. Travel Safely. We look forward to seeing you at Grand Lake Casino!